Learning To Lead Your Own Path

Learning to Lead Your Own Path

The harder you hang on to the past, Maximum Productivity the more negative energy you create which magnifies what you do not want even more. It is here that everything can fall apart, which is a good thing. It is here that your commitment to freedom can seem like it is being tested. For example, if things are not going your way, on some level you are not prepared either emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically for what it is you want to create in your life. This is why it is so important to work on all aspects of you and take full responsibility for everything that has happened in your life.

So how do you move up from one sphere to the next? When you can say, 'I have had enough of the drama and I will no longer tolerate a life based in fear'. Now you have made a decision that is clear and final. This is where your power is. The energy within your sphere of influence will now assist in preparing you for the next sphere of reality that is full of possibilities. Each sphere of our life is to be experienced fully before the next sphere or stage of growth can be entered.

When you make up your mind to let go of struggle and create a solid foundation of personal power, your thought vibration shifts from a fear based reality to one of a freedom based reality. Emotional baggage is sorted through and released as you forgive yourself and others and find the gifts in every experience. You will stay and circulate in your own energy field for as long as it takes because your emotional baggage does not belong in the next sphere of your life. We can try all we want to change our life using force but it is like pushing something that is square in to a circle.




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